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Learn about Coleton Black

​Coleton Black was born into music and his Texan roots are inseparable from that of his music. Born and raised in Katy, Texas, he was immersed in a rich musical heritage. From his father, Kevin Black, to his uncles Brian and Clint Black, Coleton was surrounded by musical talent firmly planted in the music industry.

As the curtain fell on the trio's high school days, they came to a crossroads. For Coleton, the allure of music remained undeniable, leading him to join his father Kevin's side touring the country as a backup vocalist and lead guitarist.

Coleton Black, native Texan country music artist standing in field.

His journey into the spotlight materialized during his formative years when he and a group of his closest friends took to the talent show stage and captivated audiences with their rendition of George Thorogood's 'Bad to the Bone' and a few other timeless classic rock hits.


This first taste of musical glory spurred them to regular performances where they solidified their reputation as a trio of youthful troubadours - playing for private parties and local festivals such as the Katy Rice Harvest Festival.

For as long as he can remember Coleton has had a guitar in his hands and was always singing a tune, regularly donning his cherished bright red cowboy boots as a child. Coleton's affinity for sound and song was engrained in his DNA.

This invaluable experience allowed him to glean the wisdom from a seasoned professional and spend priceless time with his dad all while strengthening his musical prowess. Yet, the need to carve out his own unique path proved irresistible.

After setting forth on a solo career Coleton was soon confronted with the realities of life - the need to secure a stable source of income. Balancing the demands of working days in the sun and performing nights under the lights, his unyielding commitment to music prevented him from ever abandoning his passion.


Determination and persistence were Coleton's constant companions ultimately leading to a critical juncture where he would have to decide between forsaking his dreams for the security of a 9 to 5, or continue to pursue them. As is characteristic for Coleton, with unwavering resolve he chose to persevere, dedicating himself to his relentless pursuit of music.

Today, Coleton Black prepares to unveil his debut album - the culmination of years of dedication and artistic growth. The chapters that await him in this musical odyssey are yet to be written, but leave us all eagerly anticipating the greatness Coleton will bestow upon the world.

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